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Different Types of Printer Cartridge



We talk a lot about OEM cartridges on the Cartridge World blog; they are the cartridges manufactured by the same company that built your printer. So HP ink cartridges would be described as the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cartridges for an HP printer.


OEM cartridges are characterized by the high quality of print they produce, a quality that unfortunately comes at quite a high cost – the ongoing furore surrounding the cost of print cartridges mainly concerns OEM cartridges.




Compatible cartridges are generic non-brand cartridges built to work in a particular printer at a fraction of the cost of an OEM cartridge.


Compatible cartridges are a good choice for the money-conscious consumer, although you won’t get the same print quality as you would from an OEM cartridge. That’s not to say that compatible cartridges aren’t any good, though; in fact, compatible cartridges will suit the needs of all but the most demanding of users.




A lot of people think that re-manufactured and compatible cartridges are one and the same, but there is a fundamental difference; compatible cartridges are built from scratch, whereas re-manufactured cartridges are used cartridges renovated with new parts.


Re-manufactured toner cartridges are an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective printing solution, and one of the printing products we at Cartridge World specialize in.


Although there is some skepticism regarding the quality of re-manufactured products, re manufacturers such as ourselves invest many hours ensuring that the toner we use is as close to the OEM toner as is possible. This means you get an almost-equivalent quality for a fraction of the cost!




Another common area of confusion, refilled cartridges are not the same as re-manufactured cartridges. Re-manufacturing involves replacing worn parts of a cartridge to get it back to working order, whereas refilling a cartridge simply involves refilling spent ink.


As such, refilling your ink cartridge is the cheapest option available. It’s also the most environmentally-friendly, with no need to waste materials or assemble new parts. Refills can be carried out at home using a home refill kit, although professional refill services like those offered by Cartridge World will often do a better job (and save your cream carpets from an unexpected ink spill!).


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