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Acer Warranty in GTA


As a warranty-authorized service center in the Canada we have serviced Acer costumers since 1993. Our ability to conform to the needs of Acer, their distributors, resellers and end-users allows us to meet your warranty and end-of-life repair needs. The information provided will assist you in receiving effective & timely warranty repairs.The date code can be found following the serial number, typically a letter and two numbers. Below is the production schedule for Cherry POS keyboards, Acer Desktops & Servers are covered under warranty provided:

  • The date code, which is found at the end of the serial number, falls into the correct time frame. Please call Grand Tech or Cherry for verification.
  • The customer provides a proof-of-purchase (invoice) showing the keyboard was bought within the last year
  • For product under warranty shipping and handling charges are waived & product is returned Canpar Ground. It is the customers responsibility to ship the product to our repair facility prepaid.


Acer Warranty is Void & the customer is responsible for the repair if:


  • The customer cannot provide a proof-of-purchase if not verified with date code.
  • An unauthorized customer modification is made.
  • Spillage is recognized a s a problem
  • Abuse of product such as cable damage, bent pins, broken & missing keycaps no trouble found
  • programming


For questions on warranty issues please contact Grand Tech Warranty Department at: Click Here Or Order Acer Parts

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